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Other Work

ST Builders Group is known to world for its extremely reliable and promising construction and renovation services. The quality rich material used by us, highly expert staff and advance technology hired by us has given this acclaimed status to our company. We excel in the house construction services including the other parts such as landscape, patios, roofing. Not only we have achieved a recognizable status in house construction but also any construction requirement of factory, official place, and educational institutes is well accomplished by us.

Apart from such major construction services, ST Builders Group offer other related services to our clients. We believe our customers should not wander here and there to get the remaining small tasks after construction.

Choose ST Builders Group for Other Services

  • Electric Services: Fitting of electric wires after constructing any building is vital. And a construction work is well aware about in which area should be fitting done and where other electric devices should be installed. We offer the aid of electric fitting services at much slashed prices.
  • Plumbing: Plumbing and pipe fitting services are also offered by us with proper finishing. Along with this we also provide efficient drainage and guttering services too to give the final perfect touch.
  • Fencing: You can ask us for fencing for your roofs, patios or for any other requirement. We will provide you smart and safe fencing with the help of expert hands of our staff.
  • Pavements: You can get you pavements of your house and entrance of any of your premises done by us. We offer variety of designs and quality rich pavements at much affordable prices.
  • Swimming Pool & Fountains: Along with our patios services, we provide added benefit of constructing swimming pool and fountains for your leisure. You can get customized pool, whether you want big or large or in any shape. Similarly you can have variety of beautiful fountains too.

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